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I'm Chris. I am pleased and excited that you have found your way to my website. Below I share a little bit of my story... 

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A little about me...

My path has been, let's say, unorthodox.

I've always had a zest for life.

But after a couple traumatic events in my adolescence, I started to develop social anxiety and gradually became extremely self-conscious.

I would often go a full day in high school without speaking to anyone. 

This haunted and sabotaged me until my mid-twenties. 

I gravitated toward the weed smokers, pill poppers and drug dealers. 

Leading me to spend ages 17-24 on and off probation. 


A series of psychedelic trips, first heavenly then hellish awakened me.

I became a seeker.


At 25, I booked a flight to the Amazon to drink Ayahuasca for the first.

Surreal. Profound. 

But mainly, I started to like myself. I started to find meaning.

I returned the following year.

The year after that I spent 3 months at the Ayahuasca Foundation being initiated into the Shipibo lineage.

The year after that, my wife and I moved to Ecuador to manage a medicine retreat center tucked away in the Andes mountains. We were initiated into the "Red Path," we went on our first vision quest and learned to Keep the Fire.


We began to learn how to serve

Since then, I have been on multiple vision quests and pilgrimages throughout South America and Mexico, learning from different masters from a variety of traditions and lineages.

I spent three years with the AWE foundation ( learning from a variety of different teachers in the realm of psychedelics, psychology and shamanism...Jonathan Ott, Kylea Taylor and Jorge Ferrer to name a few and many different healers, shamans, curanderos and therapists from around the world. 

I have experience and training in Iyengar, Hatha and Kriya yoga, Vipassana, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais, Enneagram, Family Constellations and Wim Hof. 

I have come to see that all roads lead to Christ, the Logos or to ego inflation.

The Psychedelic Path is a path that should be tread with extreme care, the opportunities for delusion are many.

One of my biggest regrets is not having found a mentor sooner.

If I can help one person avoid some of the mistakes I have made, then I'm doing alright. 

I have led multiple medicine retreats and worked 1-on-1 with people struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and a general lack of meaning.

My aim is to help you attain freedom, spontaneity and joy. 


I am a husband and father of 2.

If you feel like you are here to do more...

Give me a call. 


Here's an article that I was featured in...

Here's a podcast I recently did with my friends at the Mystical Heart Collective

I was featured in a documentary called LSD and the Psychedelic Revolution on National Geographic that you can see on Hulu. 




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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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